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Ann Howarth, our Client Care Coordinator will be happy to answer your questions and/or book your first appointment.


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No referral is required.

Treatment is covered by most insurance programs.




If you are phoning, please feel free to leave a message any time of day.  Ann, our client care coordinator, is available to answer your calls during the week from 9:30 am to 2 pm.  If you leave a message outside of these times, our policy is to return phone messages and e-mails the same day we receive them. If in the rare event we are unable to contact you before the office closes, then we will contact you the following day. Our policy is also to ensure all urgent new clients have the option of booking with us within a week after the initial contact. 

No referral is necessary from a physician. However, if you would like your physician’s office to contact us, we can book through the physician’s office. Clients who arereferred to us as part of a short-term or long-term disability claim, automobile insurance claim, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claim (WSIB), or other insurance claim may also contact our office directly. However, we will encourage you to have your insurance company contact us to ensure billing procedures are in place so that we can bill the insurance company directly.

Hours and Location


Hours:  Monday to Saturday 
             Evening appointments are available. 


Location:  418 North Service Rd. E., Suite 3A, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R2

Phone:  905.901.0597         Fax:  905.901.9773



If you are arriving from the QEW, exit at Trafalgar Rd. and travel north.  You will see Oakville Place on the left.  Travel for approximately 500m and turn right at the first stop lights (Iroquois Shore Rd.).  There is a gas station (PetroCanada) on the corner.  Travel approximately 500m and turn right at the first stop lights.  There is a Tim Hortons on this corner.  This is North Service Rd. East.  We are the first building on the right, another 500m down the road on the right.  Turn right into the Briarwood Business Park (3-storey, tan brick buildings).  We are in the third building on the left, building 418, suite 3A.  Look for our sign. There is ample parking.


If you are driving down Trafalgar Rd. from Dundas, cross over Upper Middle Rd., pass Sheridan College and then at the last stoplights before the QEW, turn left onto Iroquois Shore Rd. and follow the directions listed above.



Most private insurance plans cover psychologists and all of our associates are psychologists.  We have three rates for the services at our centre.  One rate is for the Ph.D. psychologists: Dr. Williams, Dr. Talitman, Dr. Singer (Supervised Practice and Dr. Geldart. Another rate is for the the Masters' level psychologists: Jessica Palmer and Jennifer Thomblison and our third rate is for our Masters' level therapist, Navneet Dhami. 


Session fees are paid at each session and a receipt is issued for your submission to your insurance plan.  This same receipt can also be used on your income taxes as Revenue Canada will provide partial re-imbursement for psychological services that have not been paid by insurance. 

Privacy Policy

Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004

Psychologists and therapists at the Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction will be gathering personal information (e.g., personal characteristics, any information related to providing health care, health conditions, health history, health services received, family health history) when working with clients in order to provide clients with effective health care.  Clients have the right to read their clinical notes, ask for corrections to be made, add notes to their file and ask for a copy of their health information.  Clients’ files are stored in a secure setting for at least 10 years (after they have reached the age of eighteen).

The Information Officer for the Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction is Dr. Susan Williams. Clients can direct any questions or concerns about the privacy of their personal health information to her.




Everything discussed and shared in therapy is confidential. Under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), psychologists and therapists at the Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction may communicate with another health care professional identified in this act (e.g., a doctor, a previous psychologist) in order to facilitate the health care of clients. A client’s consent is implied for these communications. If a therapist and/or client think it would be helpful for a therapist to speak with another person who is not a health care provider under the definition of PHIPA, clients will provide written and verbal consent.


Information about clients may also be released under the following rare circumstances without their explicit consent:


Welcome to the Halton Centre for

Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction

PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE AT: www.haltoncentre.ca

Anxiety and stress is increasing for adults and children in our community.  Using our expertise, we will work diligently to prevent and reduce this problem.


We have been receiving so many calls to help reduce stress in children, teens and adults, we have expanded the services we provide to incorporate a broader and more effective approach to stress management.


We use state-of-the-art treatment so that children, teens, and adults get timely, effective help not only for anxiety and stress but also for depression, sleep problems, addictions, ADHD, behavioural problems, anger, eating disorders, trauma, rehabilitation (MVA, LTD) and more. We provide individual, couples, and family therapy in addition to providing parenting training and mindfulness training.


Wellness Workshops


If you do not have the time or financial resources for ongoing therapy, we run a number of affordable workshops.  These popular workshops provide you with stress reduction tools you can use immediately.  Please check the Workshops page for the dates and times of our upcoming workshops.


People We Help


We work with clients in Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga and many other towns in Ontario (via phone).  Some of our clients work with us on the phone when they are out of town for university, move residences part way through their therapy, and/or when they find it difficult to make it in to the office for treatment.